Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday 7-13-08

Gulfstream G-V N740SS arrived from OAK at 2:40pm and parked at Gulfstream.

2 Marine FA-18C Hornets belonging to the VMFA-232 "Red Devils" arrived at 2:38pm and parked at Signature. They departed at 4pm.

Midwest MD-81 N804ME arrived from SAN at 3:15pm and parked at Signature. The aircraft was picking up presidential candidate Barack Obama and departed at 7pm headed for MDW.

Netjets 737 BBJ N129QS arrived from PAKT(Ketchikan) carrying about 15 guys who had gone fishing up in Alaska. The cargo in the belly of the aircraft was all fish that they had caught. The plane departed for DAL at 8:20pm.

Netjets Gulfstream G-IV N499QS departed for SMO at 5:40pm.

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