Saturday, August 9, 2008

Friday 8-8-08

Gulfstream G550 N560DM arrived from FAT as EJM550 at 4:06pm and parked at Gulfstream.

Gulfstream G-IV(SP) N420QS arrived from OAK at 4:48pm and parked at Gulfstream.

G550 N293GA returned from a test flight at 4:54pm.

1 Boeing F/A-18C and 1 F/A-18D arrived at 5:05pm and parked at Signature. They later departed at 8pm.

Gulfstream G450 N711SW arrived from LAS at 5:12pm and parked at Airflite. The plane later departed back to LAS at 6:12pm.

JetBlue Airways A320 N709JB ferried to SAN at 7:35pm as JBU9001.

Tail numbers noted at Gulfstream: N477QS, N806GA(Green).

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