Thursday, October 9, 2008

Long Beach Aviation Friends Meeting 10-8-08

Last night the second meting of the Long Beach Aviation Friends was held and there was a fair turn out of people, not as many as the first meeting but good none the less. Christine Edwards, Assisstant Airport Manager, talked about the construction of the new terminal and parking garage that are being planned.

The airport is hoping that the economic markets settle by spring which will be about the time they go out to try and get bond funding to help pay for this. She also mentioned that application openings for the position of Airport Manager closed last week and they would now start sorting through the applicants to try and find someone to fill the position. Christine also mentioned that she will be leaving the airport within the next 12 months which was shocking news to most of us at the meeting as she had been tight lipped about this and therefore did not apply for Airport Manager.

Kevin McAchren of Airserv talked about the history of Airserv, what the company does and some of his experiences at Long Beach Airport. Kevin has been around the airport since the late 1960's and started Airserv in the early 1970's.

This was followed by a video on Douglas at Long Beach which showed the airplanes that were manufactured here, how many and during what time they were built and delivered. This was a great video produced by Boeing.

Last speaker of the night was Dennis Lord who was representing Wings Over Long Beach. This will be a static display of aircraft along with an aerospace exhibition and job fair. This is in support of the USAF's Air Force Week Los Angeles. Price for general admission will be $10 on Nov 15-16 from 9am-4pm. More information can be found at

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