Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunday 12-14-08

Allegiant Air MD-83 N864GA arrived from IFP as AAY5143 at 3:38pm. The plane ferried back to IFP at 4:11pm as AAY5144.

Boeing 737-400 N37NY arrived from SLN at 4:25pm and parked at Airflite. The plane was carrying the New York Ranger hockey team and started out at HPN but had to make a fuel stop at SLN. The plane is now wearing white with a green belly and a gold cheatline just below the window line. The top area of the tail is green with a gold cheatline just below the green. The plane departed to PHX at 5:22pm to pick up the New York Knicks basketball team.

Alaska Airlines 737-800 N585AS arrived from SEA as ASA544 at 5:18pm. This plane wears the hawaiian lei on the tail below the eskimo. The plane departed back to SEA as ASA545 at 6:15pm.

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