Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obama Visits Long Beach for 9 minutes

On Wednesday afternoon, Air Force One landed at Long Beach Airport at 3:03pm and parked on taxiway Alpha on the north side of the airport. President Obama spent about 9 minutes in Long Beach from the time that he touched down on Air Force One till the time he departed on Marine One. At 3:12pm President Obama was in Marine One with the doors closed, and the helicopter blades started turning. Within 2 minutes, four military helicopters took off from various points at the airport and followed Marine One into the air. The group of helicopters headed southeast, toward Orange County, where the president was speaking at a town hall meeting in Costa Mesa.

Today the President will be arriving back at LGB between 5-6pm after taping a segment on the Jay Leno Show. Air Force One is scheduled to depart the airport at 6pm, heading back to Andrews Air Force Base. I will have photos of Air Force One arriving and departing LGB within a couple of weeks after I have had the film processed.

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