Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Airlines Coming To LGB!!

First off I want to appologize for not posting anything the last 3 weeks but I have been busy between work and personal life. Now on to the news!

On January 29, 2010 there was a raffel for the six available slots at Long Beach Airport. Four airlines had standing letters on file with the city for slots. They were Allegiant Airlines, Frontier Airlines, JetBlue Airways and Skywest Airlines. Both Allegiant and Frontier will recieve 2 slots while JetBlue and Skywest both get 1 slot each. The new airlines have 90 days to begin service from March 1.

The airlines must then operate service continuously for 180 days to finalize the allocation. If any of the airlines choose to relinquish a slot, then the city would go back to the other carriers that were interested in additional slots and would most likely have a raffel.

The six slots were the most available since 2001 when JetBlue came to LGB. Currently there are 16 commuter slots still available.


Firstname said...

Not true. LGB slot winners must make service available for sale by June 1 and initiate service by Sep 1.

Stephen Toernblom said...

How is this not true? The information provided came from the airport management offices.

subalin said...

Oh thats nice, that could make a luxury trip, earlier only Private Jet could bale to land there.