Tuesday, March 2, 2010

CAF WWII Mitsubishi Zero to arrive into Long Beach

On TUE-02MAR, the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) will be flying their Mitsubishi A6M - one of only three flyable worldwide - into AirFlite. The aircraft is going to be shipped to New Zealand for an airshow. The Zero is expected to arrive between 1230-1300 depending on wx. The CAF will arrange to defuel and prep the aircraft for shipping.

A trucking and crane company will arrive at approx 2200 to load the plane onto a lowbed trailer to be trucked to the port. The plan is to stage the trailer on Globemaster Way around 2200 and to have the Zero towed by AirFlite to TWY B just north of the Wardlow Gate. The crane will pickup the aircraft OVER the fence and place the aircraft onto the trailer. CHP will escort as an oversized load, starting at 0100.