Tuesday, June 7, 2011

JetSuite To Leave LGB for Orange County Customers

Alex Wilcox is planning on moving his JetSuite company from Long Beach Airport to John Wayne Airport. According to Wilcox, the company will remain in the southland in the short term but is looking at moving the company out to California later on. He also says that the company is growing at record pace and they have doubled the fleet from six to twelve airplanes.

When Wilcox was asked if there was anything that the airport could do to help his business, Wilcox said that LGB does not seem interested in supporting or helping JetSuite. JetSuite had asked the airport for a billboard on the 405 but was told it was not of interest for the airport. "I shouldn't come off as sour or bitter about Long Beach" Wilcox said. "It's just the fact that Orange County is where our clients are, and that's a main reason we're moving. But the airport was not very supportive of our business at all and that was sort of unfortunate. But if that's the way it is, so be it."

Most of the 70 full time exployees are expected to move with the company.

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