Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sheriff's Helicopter Hit By Bird, Makes Emergency Landing In Middle Of Del Amo Blvd

A Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Helicopter is back at the Long Beach Airport today after making a precautionary landing in the middle of a busy Lakewood street last night. The landing was made after the crew heard a loud noise while in flight.

After setting down the American Euro Copter on Del Amo Blvd. between Paramount Blvd. and Cherry Ave. (within feet of Long Beach city limits) at around 8:50PM Sunday night, it was determined that the helicopter had collided with a bird.

"An outside check of the helicopter revealed that the loud noise was caused by a bird striking the fuselage [the cabin] above the pilot canopy,'' Aero Bureau Sgt. John Haughey said.

The helicopter sat on the pavement between a CVS Pharmacy and a Mobil gas station for about two hours, according the Department, while mechanics could come out and assess the damage. Haughey said that the helicopter was cleared to return to return to the Aero Bureau, located at the Long Beach Airport, at abouit 11PM, at which time the streets were reopened.

The forced landing caused no property damage or injuries on the ground, Haughey said.

The Cerritos-Artesia Patch also has some great video and photos from the scene.

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