Saturday, September 27, 2008

Brief History of LGB based Edde Airlines

Edde Airlines (Edde Aircraft Inc) – (LGB/Salt Lake City, UT) 1962-1966. Founded by Garth, Joseph, and William Edde. Passenger charter operations using C-46, DC-3, L-049 and M-404 equipment.

*DC-3 struck hill during snowstorm near Salt Lake City on 11/27/65 en-route to Provo, UT to pick up additional BYU fans attending football game in Albuquerque. 13 fatalities including Captain Garth Edde.


Steve Probert said...

I lost my father in that crash. I didn't realize Edde airlines was from Long Beach, can you tell me more?

Wade said...

I flew on Edde Airlines to Long Beach California on Friday with other members of the Holladay Junior Football teams. We were scheduled to play in what was called the "Olive Bowl" against other teams from the area. My team (the Jr. age group) played Friday night at Downey High School vs. a Pop Warner team from Downey California. The rest of our teams played on Saturday.
It is my understanding that the two planes that took our teams to Long Beach went back to Salt Lake; one of them picked up the group your father was with and crashed that morning somewhere west of Camp Williams. Our teams were held up in California waiting for transportation home. They took us to Disneyland on Sunday and we were not able to fly home until late Sunday evening on a United Airlines plane. Several years later I met your Sister Kathy while attending the University of Utah. I began coaching football and wrestling at Murray High School in 1977 while still in school at the U. I later was hired by Murray and taught your brother Mark.
This is a lot more information than you probably need, or even want to
know, but I say that you had a question about Edde Airlines being out of Long Beach, and I thought this may help.

Wade Meier

Lobdell family said...

My grandfather was the pilot and my aunt was the stewerdess on that flight. My dad was supposed to be on it but my uncle didn't feel comfortable with all of them on the plane.

Steve Probert said...

Hey for both your replies her in 2013. Thanks for the info and nothing is too much. I would like to hear anything more about the airlines the crash or other.

jim-lonsdale said...

I saw an article from the Palm Beach Post-Times that listed the 13fatalities as follows : Dr. Antonio Dalton (physician) ; Dr. J. Bernard Critchfield (physician) ; Dr. Marion E. Probert (physician & former BYU football player) ; Dr. Roger W. Parkinson (physician), Dr. Gordon K. Lewis (dentist) ; T.R. Gledhill (businessman) ; Jim Peterson (businessman) ; Richard R. Wilkins (attorney) ; Diane Edde (pilot's 17-year-old daughter); Garth Edde (pilot / co-owner Edde Airlines) ; Kenneth Myers (co-pilot) ; Norma Jenkins (stewardess) ; Calvin B. Higgs (extra pilot).

CD Rowsell said...

The Edde's were cousins of my father. The airline operations was primarily at the SL airport. My father handled all maintenance for Edde as far as avionics systems, as that was what he was rated to do. I hung out as much as possible at the airport and acted as a 'ramp rat' whenever I could. Things like loading/unloading bags, working with my Father when he was working on the aircraft etc. I few in both the DC-3's and one of the 'Connies' (L-049 Lockheed Constellation N9412H) they had. My father was involved in the post crash site recovery and the FAA crash investigation, so I got to hear all of the details. Feel free to contact me if you would like to know more.

CD Rowsell

skm said...

CD Rowsell,
Sharon Edde here. Remember all of very well. Had lots of good times at your house. Your dad was awesome. Message me back