Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday 9-2-08

Alaska Airlines 737-890 operated into LGB as ASA542 and arrived at 10:30am. The pilot reported to maintenance that the APU-A/C switch was loose and the mechanic tightened the knob. Then the pilot wanted a brake temp check and those were normal. The plane went to depart back to SEA but at 60 kts the lights came on in the cockpit saying that the emergency exit doors did not lock and the pilot aborted takeoff. The plane returned to the gate and after going through 3 different checks the emergency exits seem to work properly and the plane finally departed back to SEA as ASA543 at 3:16pm, almost 4 hours late.

Gulfstream G450 N425QS arrived at 5:23pm and parked at Gulfstream.

Tail numbers noted at Gulfstream: N222NP, N490QS, N1LB, N609GA(green).

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