Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tusday 4-21-09

USAF Lockheed C-130H2 89-9101 (c/n 5216) departed LGB at 2:54pm.

Boeoing C-17A Globemaster III 96-0002 (P-34) "Spirit of the Air Force" with the 437th AW was damaged as a result of a wheels-up landing at Bagram airfield, Afghanistan Jan 30, 2009 and is now parked in front of building 98 beneath the tower.

Allegiant Air MD-87 N945MA arrived as AAY5211 from Laughlin/Bullhead Intl (KIFP) at 4:40pm. The plane ferried back to Laughlin/Bullhead Intl (KIFP) as AAY5212 at 5:10pm.

Alaska Airlines 737-700 N613AS arrived at LGB in the early evening and broke. The linkage for the inboard flap broke after departure from SEA when the flaps were being retracted. This caused the plane to want to roll slightly to the left and the pilots thought it was a trim issue. When the F/O was doing his post flight walk around at LGB, he discovered the inboard flap down about 20 degrees and the broken linkage inside. Since both LAX and SEA MX did not have this part, it would come from Boeing and be flown down in the morning.

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