Wednesday, October 7, 2009

LB Airport Announces the Quieter Home Program & Website

Today, the Long Beach Airport, in connection with the City of Long Beach, is implementing a Residential Sound Attenuation Program for aircraft noise impacted areas within the 65 dB Community Noise Equivalent Level (CNEL) contour. The program will be known as the QuieterHome Program (Program).

The 2008 65 dB CNEL contour identified 27 homes as eligible for the Program, all of which are near the arrival end of the Airport's main runway 30-12.

Funding for the Program is being made available by Long Beach Airport, using FAA approved Passenger Facility Charges (PFC). The funding will be used to install acoustical treamtents to lessen the effects of aircraft noise in the impacted homes. The acoustical treatments can include the installation of acoustic windows and exterior doors, insulation, ventilation, and air conditioning. The goal of the Program is to achieve a 45 dB interior noise level within each home.

An annual review will be conducted of the Program's 65 db CNEL contour and treatment areas will be adjusted accordingly. Detailed information on the QuieterHome Program is available on the Airport's website,, click on Community Relations and then QuieterHome. Residents can also obtain information via the Program's toll-free line at 888-739-4090, or the Airport's Public Affairs Office at 562 570-2678.

**This information is provided by the Long Beach Airport Public Affairs Office on October 7, 2009.**

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