Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday 10-15-09

The Edwards AFB C-17 that was parked by the tower departed today about 9:10am and did a wing wave as it departed.

Southwest Airlines 737-7H4 N211WN (c/n 34163/1699) arrived as SWA7580 from Biggs Aaf (Fort Bliss) (KBIF) at 1:24pm. The plane brought in military troops returning from duty in Iraq. The aircraft ferried out as SWA8613 at 2:07pm to El Paso (ELP/KELP).

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Allison said...

Why are there dozens of helicopters flying the flight path within minutes (sometimes seconds) of each other from 7:30 pm - .......? They are landing in such close succession that I'd be interested to know where they're all fitting at this point. Convention?