Saturday, July 3, 2010

A few updates

Here we go with some updates from June that I did not get around to posting.

June 22
Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department Cessna T210M N732WQ (c/n 21061836) took off at 10:52am and there was several puffs of smoke coming from the aircraft. The plane did a 360 turn and almost landed on rwy 12 with the gear up but then circled around and landed on rwy 25R. The plane taxied back to the Sheriffs ramp with the fire department in trail.

June 27
Allegiant Air MD-87 N945MA (c/n 49725/1552) arrived from San Diego Intl (KSAN) at 6:41pm as AAY5275. The planed departed to Laughlin/Bullhead Intl (KIFP) at 7:35pm as AAY5275.

June 30
Mid East Jet 757-200 N757MA (c/n 28463/739) arrived from Bangor Intl (KBGR) at 7:04pm and parked at AirFlite. The plane brought in a Prince from the Mid East region and his family. The plane ferried to Washington Dulles Intl (KIAD) at 8:04pm.


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