Thursday, July 8, 2010

Polet AN-124 Arrives in Long Beach

Polet Flight Anotonov AN-124 RA-82075 (c/n 9773053459147) arrived on Tuesday at 1:35pm from Ladd Aaf (PAFB/FBK) (Fairbanks/Ft Wainwright, AK) as POT2027 and parked on taxiway Alpha. The plane picked up a mach up of a russian airliner for the Farnborough Air Show which is July 19-25, 2010. The plane departed at 2:35pm for London Stansted (EGSS/STN) as POT2026.

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JETninja said...

Cool, I wondered why it was here. Seems to visit about twice a year or so lately. Like to see the Mock up too! Thanks for the Site, be cool if you had a Webcam or two of the airport!