Friday, July 23, 2010

Updates for July 16-20

A C-130 landed at 7:30pm on 7/16 and parked at Signature. The plane departed at 8:24am on 7/19.

Boeing C-17 08-8200 (P-200) departed on 7/20 at 1:41pm on its first flight. The plane returned later in the afternoon. This plane will be delivered to McGuire AFB.

Raytheon 727-223 (c/n 22467/1765) N289MT arrived from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX/KLAX) at 12:05pm on 7/20 and parked at Signature. The plane performed about 5 noise test flights before departing back to LAX later that afternoon.

The Bahrain Amiri Flight 747-4P8 (c/n 33684/1324) A9C-HMK arrived from Phoenix Sky Harbor Intl (KPHX) where it had done 3 missed approaches. The 747 performed three missed approaches at LGB before returning to Victorville (VCV/KVCV) where the airplane originated from. Interesting enought the plane used a Fed Ex call sign. The flight number was FDX9091. Maybe Bahrain bought the antimissle system from Fed Ex and they were testing it on the plane? Who knows.

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